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  1. All support personnel should familiarize themselves with the Distance Education Site ( and understand the resources available.
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  3. For support instances which requires a form to be filled out, please verify whether the user is a student or faculty and direct them to the appropriate support forms. Service is significantly delayed or in some cases denied if wrong forms are used.
  4. For students, there is only one support form. For faculty, there are two support forms:
    • Request for a new course: used in cases where faculty knows they will be teaching a course (ie: Math 1000 section 01), but do not see the course listed in their profile, they need to fill out the Request for a new course form.
    • Request for support on an existing course: used in cases where faculty sees the course listed in their profile, but their access is being denied, or they have access to the course, but they need help with something else.
  5. If a student or faculty asks for help on how  to use Blackboard, please refer them to the videos available on the Distance Education Site under the respective tabs (For Students/For Instructors).
  6. If a student or faculty needs help with Java setup, please help them if you can, or direct them to the Distance Education Site where step by step setup is outlined for Java.
  7. If anyone asks about the Blackboard Learn Mobile Application, our official response is: The app is available as of Spring 2012.
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