Ticket Track Software Installation

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure the user is logged in the PC with their account, NOT with a generic account like accountemp.
  2. Make sure the user has obtained a ticket track login and password from their department (from Gorety or Stephan)

How to Install:

  1. Go to X drive > Install folder and run Setup.exe
  2. Type the user name for the user who will be using the PC
  3. Type Kean University for Company Name and select "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)" and click next.
  4. Click Next with the default installation location and next again to confirm.
  5. Once done installing, this will create a shortcut on desktop "TTRWACKW" - double click to launch
  6. In the User name and Password screen, press [ctrl] + [d] to open settings window.
  7. Enter the following information: Server Name: KNET-DB01, Database: cti_global, user name: have the user enter their supplied user name, Password: have the user enter their password
  8. Login Type: select Use SQL Server
  9. Click OK to login.

If everything works fine, it will let you into the system. Log out of the system as Robert Murimi, have the user log in to windows and run the software again. This time, after launching Ticket Track, you DO NOT need to press ctrl + d and enter any of the details that was entered previously. Simply have the user login using their ticket track user id/password again.
Report any issues back to OCIS help desk.



Most frequent problems:

  • Login failure due to login, password issues - Have Gorety/Stephan confirm/reset the user's username/password
  • If you are missing the X drive, attempt to uninstall and then reinstall ScriptLogic, if that does not work, report back to OCIS


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